Tante & Tante in France


Saint Junien, 2018

It was beautiful. We stayed next to the river, made a new friend, met some old ones, ate lots of baguette, played ping pong, rehearsed in a completely yellow room in a place called blue star, learned some french for the show and played with surtitles for the first time.



Champ Libre Prize, BE Festival

And we won a prize: a two-week residency and performance in Champ Libre Festival in France. We are going AAAAAAAll the way to France. Many thanks to our dramaturg DANIEL GOLDMANN who put up with us for a whole week and to the Jerwood foundation, who funded our residency!






All the voices, BE Festival 2017

So that’s it. That’s our new show. Talking about airplanes and ships, king prawns and babies, loneliness and getting older, voices in our head, my voice, your voice and all the voices and all the other voices.





Here it is.

Here we are.
This is our space.
In the big theater in Birmingham.
Long days and short nights.
And the most amazing rehearsal space
we have ever been together.
2 days before the festival starts.
5 days till our performance.

(picture by Warren Garland)



Keep floating

Tante & Tante are trying to float together again
like on the photo taken almost 25 years ago
preparing our new piece for BE Festival
is an invaluable experience
keep being together
and being apart
riding waves
facing the camera with distrust
and with the security
that even if the world falls apart
we will still float together


We forgot to tell you.

Back in June, we won the early ideas audience prize!

We are going to go back to Birmingham and present a new show!

Thank you BE FESTIVAL! We are so happy we are coming back again!


Tante reunion in Berlin

Tante und Tante met again in Berlin. Together with the wonderful photographer Maria Agiomyrgiannaki, who made some pictures of their bad mood.

TanteUndTante_MariaAgiomyrgiannaki_Berlin_2015_8b TanteUndTante_MariaAgiomyrgiannaki_Berlin_2015_7b TanteUndTante_MariaAgiomyrgiannaki_Berlin_2015_5b

Tante und Foto @ KET in Athens

Yes, Tante und Tante went abroad again and met a lot of weird surprises, insane families, colorful oddities and strange absurdities.


©Morfoula Pithi


©Dimitris Alexakis