Tante und Tante: a short story

Eirini and Angelina Kartsaki have been collaborating for many years. They have spent a whole childhood together, during which they have been inventing games played by the two of them, which could be played anywhere, at any time, in any context. During the summer of 2014 they decided to share these games with other people. That’s how they started the aunties project.

The aunties project is about relationships. About the variety of moods and qualities between two people who coexist. Two people who have been living together for a whole life. Or two people who accidentally met in the same video frame, while attempting to capture a “selfie”.  Two friends, relatives, schoolmates, lovers, strangers. Two people who don’t want to be alone, but hate being together. Two people who are bored of doing something and want to do nothing. Just for a change.

The material of the project is deliberately strictly minimalistic and the form short. The three different episodes focus on image and sound. The sound is being used as a specific language and the language as sound. Silence has a significant role. Objects are used as masks, in order to exploit different characters. Nonsense makes sense. Or not.


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